2022: the Lasso Way (week 2) *Steal this content*

DAY #8 Positivity vs. Toxic Positivity

Coaches are usually optimists (like Ty, and like my dad!); Ted is in another league.

DAY 8 PROMPT: How can you (positively) re-frame a challenge in your life right now?


DAY 9 PROMPT: How can you tell more personal stories with your team?

B’lieve, hon

Day 10: Create visuals

  • Most people (65%) are “visual learners”
  • If your visuals are printed? YES! Non-digital stands out.
  • “Conversation pieces” create conversation, which builds relationships
  • Conveys non-verbal (and/or passive aggressive) communication.
  • Isn’t life just one giant Locker Room? We’re always in transition and in need of inspiration.

Day 10 PROMPT: What reminders do you need to make visual?

Here is our favorite, we just can’t shut up about it (downloadable for free in Engl or Spanish at www.nonprofitwellness.org/resources):

Day 11: Vulnerability makes for good relationships

Doc Sharon: I hate tea. It tastes like a wet paper bag.

  • The “Diamond Dogs” spring up for Dude Relationship Advice.
  • Keeley advises Rebecca on red carpets, media flare-ups, and *key* Dating.
  • Rebecca gradually realizes that loving is about becoming more vulnerable.
  • Keeley explores full honesty with Roy, also diving into her professional opportunity.
  • Ted’s admission to the coaches tips a domino effect (mushroom tea, missed deadline).
  • Ted finally tells Doc about his dad’s death, and Rebecca shares her dad’s story.
  • The scarlet A: breaking the taboo of talking about mental health in professional sports makes Ted the MOST vulnerable with the team and public. Which, conversely, earns him the MOST respect and trust.

Day 11 PROMPT: How can you be more vulnerable with a co-worker?

Day 12: Breathe

Breathing is the language of the nervous system.

Day 12 PROMPT: In what circumstances might it be helpful to practice the relaxing 4–7–8 breath (4 deep inhale, 7 hold, 8 exhale)?

Day #13 Play with people & pets

Those of you who are Dog People need no reminders of the therapeutic value of puppies (even when they sh!t all over your office carpet, as with Higgins).

Day 13 PROMPT: When are you in the moment of spontaneous play?

p.s. Maybe you are here because of the thirst trap pic we put on Instagram haha

Day 14: Be present

We here at Nonprofit Wellness believe mindfulness (non-judgmental awareness of the present moment) is one of the most important skills of being alive.

Day 14 PROMPT: What sense organ do you use as an “anchor” to remain present?

It’s been fun, these last two weeks. Please feel free to take this content for your newsletters and such, don’t let it go to waste. Most of our tools are freely downloadable; our trainings are affordable, and regardless of $$ we hope you’ll consider our main message of Team-Care in these perilous times.



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Susan Comfort

Susan Comfort

Co-founder of NonprofitWellness.org, manager of the DC/Balto/Pitt Alvéole teams, Tinkergarten leader, queer parent, bee promoter.