2022 “The Lasso Way” (week 1)

The incredible cast of Ted Lasso, starring Jason Sudeikis
LOL is our most important Immune Booster, IOHO
Roy Kent uses cryotherapy as part of his athletic recovery
Thanks to CCAN for inspiring this 2021 laughter-inducing cryotherapy session
Rebecca, trying Ted’s biscuits
Roy and his yoga (rosé wine) buddies
The coaching staff, spreading hella germs here
This scene shows the result, including team-building, of all their hard work. For the quoted bit, watch show.
Download the full list of Immune Boosters at nonprofitwellness.org



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Susan Comfort

Susan Comfort

Co-founder of NonprofitWellness.org, manager of the DC/Balto/Pitt Alvéole teams, Tinkergarten leader, queer parent, bee promoter.