tkpk graffiti rebellion

#2 child, breezing through the OG obstacle course her mom painted in 2020.
the original “Frog Hop” & “Hot Lava” games
Zahra just left for frosh year at St. Mary’s College this week!
Our #proudnativeplants mural created by local teen artists
My neighbor’s granddaughter (initials BHB on wall) re-paints Uranus before the violation was issued.
The board hosted many comments over a few weeks, some of which washed away (but all were photographed)
  • David said what we’d created wasn’t the “intent” of the exemption, which was meant for kids’ chalking hopscotch. I said we literally have hopscotch, and that chalk is hard to see on a light sidewalk. The intent of the graffiti code is clearly stated in section A (it pertains to property value).
  • I asked what the process was for applying for an Exemption, and he said there was none, the city just decides if it meets the standard or not. I said that our project meets the standard AS WRITTEN, and asked about a hearing. He said one would be set up, and that I would be able to present evidence of support (like my board and neighbor letters) at the hearing. We also mused that Takoma Park COULD change the exemption language or graffiti definition, which is currently rubber stamped from Montgomery County.
  • David finally said he understood better, by coming out here and seeing/talking, what the sidewalk and mural was all about. He said that doesn’t mean some of it won’t have to be removed, however. He suggested that maybe there should be a community process for public art projects like these, just like there is a process for new sidewalks (oh, we remember!) where petition signatures are gathered in support and the community has to meet about it.
a local landscaper appreciates the vision
letter from the city (received Aug 24 after a violation notice June 27)
Here’s Molly making her protest sign
posted August 30, 2022 in honor of (and with permission from) Hanan



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Susan Comfort

Susan Comfort

Co-founder of, manager of the DC/Balto/Pitt Alvéole teams, Tinkergarten leader, queer parent, bee promoter.