Re-prescription Part II: INTIMACY

This is the Spanish version of the tool we’re revising (all materials are avail in Engl & Span).

2004 study found that people who had frequent sex had more immunoglobin A in their system, ie. regular sex increased the effectiveness of the immune system.

This song is so old, it was released on cassette.
“Pleasure Principle” from our V.1 Prescription — just begs you to ask us a question about it
V.2 of the prescription emphasizes the “roots” of self-care — hence the background

But Sex? Or “Intimacy”?

Um, so we’re potentially talking about... Sexual intercourse? Gay sex? Porn addiction? Orgasm benefits?

How many elephants can this room hold?

Described by Dr. Michelle Drouin, “Intimacy encapsulates a rainbow of experiences that one can have with another person. And intimacy famine is the lack of intimacy we are feeling in our everyday lives. Millions of people around the world are lonely, depressed, sad, and our happiness is going down. They are feeling less able to be vulnerable in the spaces in which they travel.”

“Intimate, or emotional, loneliness is the longing for a close confidante or intimate partner — someone with whom you share a deep mutual bond of affection and trust. Relational, or social, loneliness is the yearning for quality friendships and social companionship and support. Collective loneliness is the hunger for a network or community of people who share your sense of purpose and interests.

These three dimensions together reflect the full range of high-quality social connections that humans need in order to thrive. The lack of relationships in any of these dimensions can make us lonely, which helps to explain why we may have a supportive marriage yet still feel lonely for friends and community.”

- Talk about intimacy with a friend. It’s not taboo (but discussing intimacy can trigger folks, so get consent first).

- To release oxytocin, hold a hug with a family member or friend for 20 seconds.

- Buy some touch! Book a massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, manicure, or pedicure appointment. Even haircuts and facials involve light massage and caring/skilled contact. Pay for it and enjoy this service.

- Cuddle with your dog or cat. (Mammals seem cuddlier to most of us, but if reptiles bring you joy, go for it.)

Two of my favorite cuddles (I’ve loved Banderas since the early 90s)

.- Orgasms are great, but you don’t have to be sexually active with another person to receive the benefits of touch and intimacy. Get a new toy, or try a new form of sensual self-touch (for example, switch hands when you masturbate).

- Give yourself a foot or belly massage. Or a breast massage. I just got ayurvedic breast massage cream and TBH I never thought of massaging the mammaries beyond a cancer-self-check, so this is a lovely new injection of touch in my life. It smells great, Banyan Botanicals!



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