Proud Native Plants mural

The current mural is on the last 50 feet on the right side of this pic.
Ben (Lincoln Ave resident) reads a children’s book about the community creation of a mural.
the middle note says “please choose a muralist who will work WITH us!”
Dr. Puttock’s talk was where I first heard about the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly
Hanan’s artist sketch 2021
Here’s the resulting rainbow of native plants
native insect pollinators and fungi join the plants on the wall’s ecosystem
we used leftover latex paint from the Buy Nothing list to create the sidewalk and mural. That’s why it keeps washing away and we were hoping to re-fresh the sidewalk every spring, with kid-community input.
A neighborhood in Culver City was inspired by our movement sidewalk to create their own
Sarah dancing with her two amazing daughters, who created (& re-created) Planet Earth and its Moon.



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Susan Comfort

Susan Comfort

Co-founder of, manager of the DC/Balto/Pitt Alvéole teams, Tinkergarten leader, queer parent, bee promoter.